Cold Turkey

I like to think that I keep good habits for myself: I’m always asleep by 10pm each night and up again by 6am (even on weekends. Yes, I do wish I was a person who could sleep-in, but my body naturally wakes up at that time), I make sure I’m eating around 5 servings of fresh vegetables each day, limit my sugar in take, I brush and floss my teeth daily. One thing that I have been carrying on that isn’t so good was my habit of chewing gum.

It’d be one thing if I popped in a piece before an important meeting, like a job interview, to make sure my breath smelled okay. But, no, my habit extended to chewing (and I’m disgusted to even write this) perhaps 3-4 packs each day! It started out as a way to get me from each meal, to keep my mouth busy so I wasn’t filling it with excess food, and also to keep my mouth and throat lubricated during exercise so it wouldn’t dry out. It started out with maybe 1-2 pieces at a time… and got the point of easily 5-6 pieces at a time.

Yes, just imagine this now. Consider how much garbage I constantly piled up in our trash cans. Consider all of the gum wrappers litering the bottom of my purse. Consider how much money this habit took to keep up ($1.75 a pack… which equals out to $49 friggin’ dollars EACH WEEK! Good Lord!). And then I considered my quest for truly clean eating and how sugar-free gum obsession didn’t exactly qualify. It freaks me out to  think about all of the non-food ingredients on the back label. I plan on researching more on these ingredients today and the effects on the human body. I already shutter to think what I’ll find.

If I’m going to be preaching to others to keep their food nutritious and continue exercising regularly, I need to be doing the exact same thing. I need to be really living this.

12pm this afternoon came around and it was time to crush Day 6 of Asylum: “Speed and Agility.” I had already worked my way through a whole pack and was soon to start on my second and I remembered reading about Tony Horton’s cleanse phase of his 90-day challenge from his book, Bring It! Not once do I remember reading “Extra Key Lime Pie Gum” on the list of Top 10 Foods.

If I really want those chisled, hard, cut abs I’m after, I’ve gotta go ALL in. And so I dumped it. All of it. I had 3 packs waiting for my in my purse and I tossed ’em in the trash. The wad in my mouth? Gone. My habit of automatically sticking a few pieces in my mouth after each time I eat is no more. It’s weird to think that something as potentially insignificant as chewing gum could cause withdrawals… but is has. I’ve had to make do with brushing my teeth right after eating. This means, I’m now brushing my teeth (get this) 6 times a day! Dr. Whitehouse will be uber impressed, eh?

I’ve heard Jillian Michaels and Dr. Phil both say that to “fully and successfully remove one bad habit, you must replace it with a good one,” and so for every dollar I would’ve used to fuel my addiction, I’m putting it in a glass jar on my bedside stand. That money is going to go to fun things I could’ve been spending it on in the first place. Imagine this- I’ll have enough for a brand new pair of Nike ID’d Shox running shoes every… 3 weeks! SCORE! 🙂


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