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I don’t spend a TON of time on Twitter (@mrsamynielson Follow me, already! 🙂 ), but I like to dip my toes in occassionally. Generally, I pick up some awesome links to new health studies, quotes, or bios about people doing incredible things in this world. Last week, I stumbled across a guy and his foundation, called Louie’s Kids.

Louie’s Kids was founded in 2001 in Alexandria, Virginia, but now operates from Charleston, South Carolina. It’s founder,  Louis H. Yuhasz suffered a major loss when his Dad died of complications due to obesity. Instead of avoiding the world and his emotions, he started LK in hopes that children suffering from overweight and obesity could learn ways to change their lifestyle in a fun, active way. His organization aims towards kids whose families aren’t financially able to provide fresh produce and other healthy items to stock their fridges with. Any donations they receive go towards providing these kids with after-school programs with kids their own age and from the same background, teaching them fundamental living skills and ways to be physically active. Each week, they’ll meet up (the kids and a few licenced counselors in fitness and nutrition) and try new things together: rock climbing, paddle boarding, swimming, going for runs, ect. These activites provide so much more than just the ability to drop the excess weight; it gives these kids a new lease on life. They have new friends and social peers, they build self-confidence, and lessons that will last their whole lives through. I read that after their weekly activity, they have a quick 20 minute lesson on some healthy meal ideas that they can take home to their families.

Looking back, I so badly wish there’d been a foundation set up for kids like I was. I cringe at the thought of formal “fat camps,” but can’t get enough of THIS idea. Go search for them on YouTube. Recently, some newscasters from CNN traveled to SC to get the full story! So Neat!


So far, Louie’s Kids is limited to only Charleston, but my dream is to somehow start a branch out here in Nothern Utah. I would love more than anything to someday work with this foundation as a counselor and teach a group of elementary-aged school kids out here. I feel like I have so much to give and so much support to offer since I’ve been in that same position myself- overweight and feeling hopeless about life ahead. I want to be there to teach these kids better habits and mostly that there are people out there who actually care.


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