New Kind of Audience

I’ve NEVER been one for public speaking.


Picture Anne Hathaway (playing Princess Mia) from the Princess Diaries while in debate class (yack!) and that pretty much sums up my ability and interest in talking in front of large crowds. It scares me to death… but somehow also excites me. I’m known to jumble all of my words together and say hilarious nonsense when I’m trying to articulate myself in front of a crowd (brain is moving slower than my mouth), which has led to horrible, embarrassing experiences in my past. This was especially true when I wasn’t talking about something I genuinely cared about.

But somehow, that wasn’t the case this weekend. My friend, Lorri, and I had the amazing opportunity to host a booth for our businesses with Team Beachbody this weekend at the What a Woman Wants Expo in Salt Lake City. For the last two days (and 18 hours), we’ve been sharing Shakeology samples, talking about the soon-to-be-released P90X2, and all about our success stories with Beachbody programs. It’s been a remarkable experience being able to tell my story to someone I haven’t met, but felt like I knew on another level. So many of the women who visited our booth were was I was when I first started Beachbody- tired and unhappy with life. They were looking for a change. At first, many of them held their guards up, unsure if we were all about a “quick fix” or “starvation diet” and tremendously releaved when I assured them we were not. I explained how I worked my butt off (literally) for the past 2 years, losing well over 70 pounds and continuing to workout with Beachbody programs everyday. I was walking the talk. When I showed each of them my before and after pictures, a sense of calmness and hopefulness seemed to fall over their faces, like “oh, FINALLY, someone understands.” I was there sharing my own story of hard work and dedication and just “passing on” a tip to give Beachbody programs a try. The majority of these ladies had heard of/tried/completed/had husbands or family members who had completed one of the programs and were looking for the next step. We were the next step.

Lorri and I spoke with and greeted about 15,000 women of all ages these past two days. We exchanged phone numbers, added new friends on Facebook, and passed out samples. I made hundreds of new contacts of eager women, ready to change their lives and finally do it the right way.

I can’t remember the last time (besides this business) that I’ve actually felt like a leader.


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