Choose Your “Hard”

Last week, I heard a wonderful quote from a friend:

“Losing weight is hard. Staying fat and out of shape is hard. Choose your hard.”

Isn’t THAT the truth, though? I can’t count the many times I’ve had to make a sacrifice (whether with time to make sure I get my workout in, prepare my healthy meals for the week, writing out workout plans) or change habits in order to fit my new lifestyle. All the while, there’ve been different levels of “hard,” but it’s always paid off in the end. Every time I make a new goal for myself, like upping my weight during a workout or holding out for another 10 minutes of intense cardio when my brain is SCREAMING “stop!”- that’s when my comfort level is really being stretched. If I chose to quit right then, I’d never know what I was capable of. If I chose just to sit it out, I’d never get to experience that sweet taste of success.

So many people find the struggle in beginning to lose the weight, always planning for the proverbial “Monday” that never comes. They get stuck in planning to live their lives after they first lose this 20 pounds, or drop a dress size. I can understand the fear of perhaps failing, but if you never try, how will you know if you can make your dreams happen or not?  That’s where the real failure lies.

Waking up to get your workout in takes serious dedication, but real change happens when you decide that where you are right now sucks much more than actually getting the workout done/food prepared/better choices made. It’d be so much easier just to live life carelessly, eating junk food, hiding in huge clothes, and canceling all of your social plans because you’d rather stay on your couch, watching television. But you know what? Life begins when you decide you’d rather earn your success and your happiness. Life begins outside of your four walls. Real life is created outside, with other people, making new relationships and actually experiencing hurt, failure, and rejection. Those are the only times you can begin to really be strong.


4 thoughts on “Choose Your “Hard”

  1. When I think back on how many vacations and holidays I’ve allowed to be ruined because I hated how I looked and felt about myself, I can’t believe I chose to live like that for so long…

  2. What an awesome post! I *love* it! I, too, have planned for many “upcoming Mondays” without the days ever arriving. My life is not on hold any longer, though…and it never will be again! I can’t wait to get to the gym tonight! 😉

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