Nothing is Permanent

Answer me this: how many times, when thinking/talking about your weight/size/a certain body part/a dream that you have, have you ever tied permanence to your negativity? For example: “I will NEVER have the flat stomach I want. Why even try?” “I will ALWAYS be this size. Things will never change.” “I am not a runner, I’ll NEVER be able to complete a 10k.” Really? Who told you that?

We are our habits. We are what we consistently do. What we do stems first from our thoughts, so naturally, it makes sense that when you set out with a goal to lose 25 pounds, train for a race, earn those sculpted, sexy abs, you first need to work on your thoughts. I’ve heard many people say, “What you think about, you bring about.” Everything that you do each day starts first with a thought and those thoughts turn into action. So, which thoughts are you choosing to believe and act upon? If you REALLY want to be successful at something, tell yourself that you CAN. Start following through with the actions that will get you there. Break your goal down into smaller, bite-size pieces. Life is easier to chew that way.

At 207 pounds, I thought it was my destiny to remain overweight forever. I just thought it was a part of my DNA and I spent a lot of time hating my body and my life because of it. I didn’t want to come to accept that I was 207 pounds BECAUSE of the things I was putting in my mouth. I didn’t want to put 2 and 2 together. I would just watch all of the other thin girls in my school and would wish that I could be that lucky, too. I spent so much time as a size 14/16 that I began to think that was all there was for me. I’d always be shy. I’d always be awkward in public. I’d never have many friends. I wouldn’t make a difference in the world. It didn’t make any sense to me that just because my parents were overweight and unhealthy themselves that I didn’t have to be. I didn’t need to be “blessed” with the genetic lottery and have the “skinny gene.” I could just choose  better actions each day, which would eventually lead to me losing 72 pounds. Losing this weight has given me a new lease on life. I’m able to share my experiences and (hopefully) help those who are where I was.

What do you want in life? Are you settling for medicority because your parents/siblings/media sources are telling you that’s all you can have in life? Just because you haven’t been great in the past, what’s stopping you from being great now? Life isn’t permanent. Chances come and go everyday. Don’t spend your life wishing you could do something, thinking it’s just not possible. You can set out to be and do anything, and I mean ANYTHING, you want. It all starts with just ONE thought. Time is ticking away. Who do you want to be? What do you want to do in life?


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