The Trickle Effect

I guess it’s a natural process that when you’ve lost and kept off weight, along picking the best for your body (food and exercise), that that “weeding out” process can occur in all other parts of your life. Knowledge is power, the power to change your life and affect change in other lives, as well.

The more I learn about GMO-foods verses USDA Organic, the “extra” cost seems much more affordable. It just isn’t a war I have to battle with myself anymore. I make the proper adjustments to other parts of my budget (goodbye, gossip magazines in print. Hello, free media on the internet!) so that I can feed my body with the very best ingredients. I haven’t eaten any red meat in about 6-7 months now and honestly, I don’t miss it one bit. When I do buy meat (chicken and eggs), I am certain to buy organic, grass-fed, cage-free so I know the animal was taken care of before being killed.

This weighing-out covers much more than my own food, however. I’m beginning to see what things I can do to provide a better lifestyle for my cat, London (a 3-year old calico sweetheart I adopted last December. I can’t imagine life without her now) and actually taking time to read the ingredients list on the back of her catfood. The big, bulk bag I had gotten her from a local pet store was a good deal but apparently wasn’t exactly good quality. (No, this is NOT an ad for the all-natural Blue Buffalo dog/cat food, in case inquiring minds want to know.) Chicken by-product meal was the very first ingredient. After watching Food Inc. and also doing some research on my own… that old bag is long gone, and replaced with another dry cat food that is first made with real chicken. It’s worth the extra $3 to ensure London’s happy and healthy. Besides, I’ve never seen her coat shine so much and she just seems happier in general. It’s a keeper.

It’s now been 14 months since I started Beachbody Coaching to help my community (locally and globally) get fitter, healthier, and happier themselves. When I take time to post on my Facebook page about a workout I’ve just completed or about my healthy dinner I’m preparing, I’m able to motivate others to do the same. I’ve seen the tranformations that come from reaching out my hand to another person who’s fallen off track or is in a dark place in their lives. Just the ability to start doing more things physically (non-scale victories) is a huge achievement: being able to carry all of the groceries in the house in one trip, climbing several flights of stairs without being out of breath, keeping up with your kids- it all counts. Nothing beats seeing that new light in their eyes and hearing it in their voices that they’ve found hope again. I love being able to pass on this feeling to others, who in turn share Shakeology and the awesome Beachbody programs with their families/spouse/neighborhood. It’s spreading like wildfire. It’s an incredible thing, knowing there’s 64,000+ more people, just like me, helping others get and stay fit. We are ending the trend of obesity- one workout and one person at a time. Best job in the world!!

There’s a lot more than I can do, though. I admit that I don’t recycle or carry reusable shopping bags with me to the grocery store. But I’m finding my way to give back to the world and help others along the way. Starting with this blog.


4 thoughts on “The Trickle Effect

  1. I love seeing the non-scale progress as well. Shoot, I didn’t buy a scale until three weeks ago and I started losing weight in May 2010. 🙂 Totally serious. I flirt with the OCD line and didn’t want to stress myself out… but I went to Europe for 2.5 weeks last fall and seeing the expression on my dear friend’s face when she and her husband picked me up at the airport, and then walking all over kingdom come with no back issues… awesome. Not to mention all the photos in those incredible places while looking slimmer. Things like that are far more encouraging than the numbers on the scale.

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