Screw You, In-Denile Crocodile

I absolutely hate it when naturally-thin celebrities or “blessed-with-good-genes” average jane lies about the struggle it is everyday to maintain a thin body and not dive headfirst into a vat of chocolate ice cream.


I’m not ashamed to say that I worked my ass off to lose 6 dress sizes. Literally. There were (and still are) many days that I wish I could’ve picked the cheese pizza over an egg-white omelet, that I would’ve easily traded my old-fashioned oatmeal for a huge stack of buttery pancakes. But then I remember I would not be where I am, being an example for others (hopefully my family), in a much healthier mental and emotional state, and sliding into my size-4 little black dress on nights when I feel like going out like a normal 20-something. Something that took this much work and this much focus can’t be discounted, devalued, discriminated.

On days when I’m feeling the wanna-cave-in itch, I remind myself that weight and eating well aren’t solely about looking good. The food I’m putting in my body serves another purpose: good health. The longer I stay in maintainence mode, the easier it gets for me to realize that the things I am eating are here to fuel my body, not to feed my emotions. When I think about it that way, I’d much rather have diesel than regular. I’d rather have organic than GMO. I’d rather have good health beneath my skin- something that’s going to keep me disease-free and as pain-free as possible in my life.

I still have to scoff and roll my eyes when I read another tabloid celebrity, claiming that she eats whatever she wants, that she’s just blessed with a super-heroic calorie-burning ability that also removes any celulite before it begins. My ass. She may eat that bag of Oreos, but you’d better believe she’s then in the gym for 4 hours each day, doing cardio.

The reward has been so worth it to make sure I get my workout done each day, to keep a detailed food journal, to chug that good ol’ h2o… even for the sole purpose of knowing I’m setting myself up for alonger life. The sweat, the tears, the sore muscles, it’s all been worth it.

The other day I heard, “Staying fat is hard. Being fit is hard. Choose your hard,” and it is so true.


3 thoughts on “Screw You, In-Denile Crocodile

  1. I’m glad you made the change. I really like how you address the health aspect rather than just focus solely on the looks. I’m only 18, but when I eat Paleo I think about how it will affect my kids. Not only will I produce a better kid, because my sperm isn’t as damaged as my peers’, and of course my wife will be Paleo like me, but I will be able to feed him correctly from the start!

    Same goes for you. You’re already in a better position because of your knowledge and dedication, and the rewards will only amplify in the long run. It’s great that you started at a relatively young age.


  2. Oh goodness… what about a size-2 sister-in-law who is upset that she’s now a size-2.5? After watching me lose 95 pounds (she was along for the entire ride), she complained about that to me… I love her, but I could’ve strangled her. Really?! Maybe if she wasn’t eating out three meals a day I might feel bad for her… No matter how we’ve all done it, we’ve all worked our tails off. Literally.

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